Unsuspecting Consumer are being hit with Hidden Fuel Surcharges

In what has become a more commonplace practice, from water delivery companies to propane gas suppliers, consumers continue to continue to be hit with hidden fuel surcharges. A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Suburban Propane in Federal Court in New Jersey on behalf of current and former residential propane customers of Suburban Propane. The lawsuit alleges that Suburban Propane unlawfully charged its customers certain fees, including tank pick up fees, pump out fees, restocking fees, delivery fees, regulatory fees, transportation fuel surcharges, and other fees that were not adequately disclosed.

Suburban Propane is not alone in charging consumers for transportation fuel charges. As gas prices rose several years ago, many companies began charging fuel surcharges in order to compensate for the rising fuel prices. Despite the cost of gas returning to more normal levels, the fuel surcharges remain on the invoices. For example, companies like Deer Park, who sell and deliver bottled water, have made these charges part of their regular billing practice. Whether these charges were adequately disclosed will become an issue in the Suburban Propane case and in future cases brought against these companies.

If you believe you were charged excessive fees for products, service or delivery – and were not adequately informed of these fees prior to being charged, call the lawyers at Pogust Braslow & Millrood.