TriWire Engineering Solutions Inc. Investigation

Pogust Braslow & Millrood is investigating Comcast Corporation and TriWire Engineering Solutions, Inc, for possible violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws. It is believed that Comcast contracts with companies, including TriWire Engineering Solutions Inc., to perform telecommunications installations and repairs for residence and business customers of Comcast. The individuals performing such work may have been misclassified as “independent contractors.” At times, companies misclassify employees as independent contractors in order to avoid paying them overtime wages, reimbursing them for work-related expenses, or providing them with health insurance and other benefits of employment. Although these “independent contractors” are paid through a third party, TriWire, instead of by Comcast, these workers should be designated as employees if they receive their work orders from Comcast or TriWire, cannot negotiate independently with customers, and can only install Comcast services.

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