Phone Cramming Scams

Cramming refers to the various devious methods used by third-party vendors to unsuspectingly sign up cell phone users for monthly charges that appear directly on their cell phone bills.

A recent story on MSNBC reported that more and more consumers are complaining about “cramming” on their cell phone bills. Crammers get rich by “stealing a little money from a lot of people,” duping cell phone users with everything ranging from free ringtone offers, wallpaper, games and songs.

We first blogged about this problem last year when we uncovered several online companies who offer “IQ Quizzes” that turn into auto-renewing monthly subscriptions that appear directly on your bill.

The most recent victory for consumers in this arena came several days ago when the Federal Trade Commission secured a victory in federal court against a California-based company – – that scammed millions of dollars from consumers in connection with “internet services” they never agreed to pay for. The judge essentially shut the business down and ordered restitution of over $38 million.

If you or someone in your family has noticed a charge on your cell phone bill that you began appearing on a monthly basis and you believe that you are being charged by a third party (other than your phone company) for services you did not agree to, call our firm to investigate or visit us at