Homeowners File Suit over Chinese Drywall

Homeowners in Florida have filed a class action against several manufacturers and suppliers of drywall imported from China. The homeowners claim that the drywall was defective; specifically, the drywall emits sulfur compounds that corrode copper and other metals and make homes smell like rotten eggs. Furthermore, considering the sulfur particulates that can be inhaled, there could be significant health problems, especially respiratory issues, as some homeowners have reported experiencing.

The drywall is allegedly made from waste material from scrubbers on coal-fired power plants in China. As a result of the United States enduring several especially devastating hurricanes in the last few years that led to significant damage to homes, there was a tremendous demand for drywall that could not be completely satisfied by domestic drywall. This allegedly caused some suplliers to import chinese drywall, which, unlike American drywall, contains sulfur particulates and can be manufactured at a cheaper price.
In addition to the terrible smell, the sulfur particulates can corrode metal parts in air conditioners, copper wiring, and other metal household products. Therefore, not only is the drywall expensive to replace, but it has led to some other pricey repair bills from corroded metals.
If you think that you have fallen victim to this dangerous type of drywall and have suffered health issues or expensive repair and replacement costs, please contact us at www.pbmattorneys.com so that we can evaluate your potential lawsuit and protect your rights.