HBS and BSG Billing Services: Unauthorized Charges on Phone Bills

Hundreds of cell phone customers are finding unfamiliar charges on their phone bills for products or services that they have not requested or authorized. These charges often come from other billing clearinghouses, like HBS and BSG Services, and are automatically added to customer’s phone bills, through their service provider. AT&T appears to be a common provider associated with these complaints.

To make things worse, these charges often appear multiple times. Customers are frequently told that they cannot be removed or reversed, and when they are, it takes a minimum of two billing cycles and as long as 6 months to be credited back to the account.

When scammed customers demand an explanation, representatives from the billing clearinghouses often tell them that someone else hacked into their information and ordered the product or service. Sometimes they claim a family member was the individual, and sometimes it is simply a first or nickname in their system.

The web is inundated with postings about personal experiences and complaints, with some claiming that the Better Business Bureau complaints against BSG, HBS and other billing clearinghouses reach over 700. Some customers have seen improvement by adding a third party billing block to their service.

If you feel that you have fallen prey to these deceptive practices, please contact us immediately.