Fishery Disaster Declared as a Result of the Gulf Oil Spill

Due to the Gulf oil spill’s economic impact on commercial and recreational fisheries, a “fishery disaster” in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama has been declared by US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

Locke stated that the government is “taking this action today because of the potentially significant economic hardship this spill may cause fisherman and the businesses and communities that depend on those fisheries.” Approximately 20% of the federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico have been closed to commercial and recreational fishing.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is requesting unemployment coverage for the Gulf oil disaster, and the Small Business Administration is offering economic injury disaster loans to help fisherman and other affected businesses. The administration expects, however, that BP and other responsible parties will cover the full costs of economic damages to these fisheries.

If your business has been affected as a result of the Gulf oil spill, please contact us immediately to discuss your legal rights.