Complaints Continue about Hurd Window and Door Defects

Customers have had many complaints over the years about not just the customer service but also the quality of the products that they have received from Hurd Windows and Doors. From faulty locking mechanisms to the insulation gas leaking out of windows and doors, customers of Hurd Windows and Doors have made their frustrations known. One of the more troubling problems that we’ve heard about relates to broken seals on the windows and doors. Apparently, the seals and vinyl nailing fin used in Hurd’s windows and doors fail due to weather exposure and direct sunlight. When the seals break, water is able to penetrate the interior, which can cause rotting and mold. The damage can be extensive and certainly expensive. Other visible signs of broken seals includes permanent fogging of the glass. Many of these issues have already been the subject of litigation since the late 1990s, including the failed seals resulting in permanent fogging. Nonetheless, the defective windows and doors continue to be purchased or inherited with the homeowners being none the wiser.

Since the company was purchased and reorganized after filing for bankruptcy in 2008, Hurd is no longer honoring the warranty on these defective windows and doors. Business, however, has been thriving for Hurd Windows and Doors. The company has received recognition for its international growth and has been successful enough to be in a position to purchase other manufacturers.

Needless to say, many homeowners are furious, and have been given no options. They want to take action. Accordingly, Pogust Braslow & Millrood is currently investigating these complaints to see what legal recourses exist for these frustrated customers. If you’ve experienced any of these defects, and found Hurd’s customer service to be less than helpful, then fill out PBM’s contact form on our website and tell us about your story.