Car Rental Surcharges — Class Action Lawsuit?

There is a new report that car rental companies are imposing car rental surcharges, hidden fees, and other costs to consumers to compensate for lost revenue as a result of the economic turn-down.

According to an article by CNN, “it’s easy to see why car rental companies are taking these steps … the industry is hemorrhaging money faster than oil leaking from a cracked gasket [where] Hertz lost $73 million in the fourth quarter, and competitor Avis lost $121 million in the same period.”

Some of the new car rental surcharges include cancellation fees, energy surcharges, tire fees, concession recovery fees, stadium taxes, and privilege fees (fee imposed if a person picks up rental car within 48 hours of flight arrival). Additionally, car rental companies are increasing the fees for second driver options.

Often, renters are not being provided any notice of such car rental surcharges or such fees are hidden within the fine print of the lease agreements. As Robert Barton, President of the American Car Rental Association has expressed, “the car rental company has an obligation to clearly and concisely explain all fees and charges at the time of rental.” Despite this, consumers are being gouged by such deceptive and excessive billing practices.

If you or someone you know has experienced such excessive and deceptive billing practices, please immediately contact our law-firm for a free case evaluation.