Blackberry© Cell Phones Losing Audio

Numerous Blackberry© users are finding that their 8100-9000 series devices are intermittently or permanently losing audio, without warning or any apparent reason. Call tones, alarms,music and video sound have disappeared at random for many owners of the Blackberry© Pearl, Curve, and other “smartphones.”

Even more alarming, is that there seems to be no simple fix. Rebooting the battery, performing software updates, and even troubleshooting with the carrier do not appear to provide long term solutions to the problem. Neither do carriers offer to replace the device.

Disgruntled Blackberry© owners have pooled together their knowledge of the different audio issues over numerous community support forums, website reviews, and social network groups.

If you are a Blackberry© owner who has experienced a similar problem with your device, and were not offered a replacement by your carrier, please contact the law firm of Pogust, Braslow, & Millrood, to find out if you may be eligible for compensation