Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC Class Action — Lease Financing Bait and Switch?

Benchmark Financial Groups, LLC, located in Aliso Viejo, California, purports to assist companies obtain financing for equipment and capital related leases. According to the company’s website, Benchmark provides “quick competitive leasing in 5 easy steps.”

Such process typically includes the prospective applicant provide Benchmark with financial statements, tax returns, and banking information, at which time Benchmark claims to process and then render a decision on such leasing and financing application.

Additionally, prospective applicants must provide Benchmark a deposit, which is calculated as the first and last monthly lease payment plus a $200.00 document fee. Such deposit is solicited from applicants under the contractual representation that the deposit will be refunded by Benchmark if the application is not approved.

Despite this representations, complaints exist against Benchmark for their lending practices.

In fact, as of date, the Better Business Bureau has rated Benchmark an “F” based upon the above wrongful business practices. If you or someone you know has applied to Benchmark Financial Groups for financing, equipment leases, or any other type of lease and experienced any of the above, please contact our law-firm immediately for a free case evaluation.