Bank Overdraft Fees

Have you been charged bank overdraft fees without overdraft protection consent?

Have you been allowed to continue charging to your bank debit card, even though insufficient funds were available in your account? After being able to make a charge with insufficient funds, have you found your bank has charged an overdraft fee upwards of $35? Overdraft charges can easily add up to hundreds of dollars without you knowing it!

If you have been INVOLUNTARILY enrolled in overdraft protection services, you may be eligible to seek compensation!

You may also be eligible to seek compensation if you enrolled in overdraft protection services and found the terms of your service to be false, misleading or deceptive.

If you have been the victim of these deceptive bank overdraft protection practices, contact us here or by calling 610-941-4204.

This is not an issue of banks applying current debits to your account in reverse order of their value, and not the chronological order in which they were made, this is an instance of banks using deceptive practices to apply overdraft protection to your account.